Please note: the following is the copyright statement for CRAFT APPLE patterns only.  This statement does not apply to patterns sold on this site that are published by other designers.

   This pattern is protected under federal copyright law.  Making photocopies of this pattern for any purpose is strictly prohibited and is illegal.
To the home sewer who has purchased this pattern at retail: you are welcome make items from this pattern for sale!
   Mass manufacturing of items made from this pattern is strictly prohibited. 

What you MAY do:

--- sew items from a Craft Apple pattern to sell on Etsy, Ebay, your personal website, or another shop website

--- teach a class using a Craft Apple pattern, provided that each person in the class purchases their own copy of a pattern

--- sew items from a Craft Apple pattern to sell at a craft show

What you MAY NOT do:

--- make photocopies of the pattern for a class you are teaching

--- make photocopies to give away to your friends or anyone else

--- scan the pattern on a scanner and email it for free to anyone

--- send the design to any manufacturer to be created in mass quantities

Examples for clarification:

--- 2 women co-own a business and both women wish to sew items made from the same Craft Apple pattern.  Under the terms of the above license, 1 pattern should be purchased for each seamstress making items from the pattern.

Please let me know if you have any questions by contacting me.

This list will be periodically updated as questions arise.

Thank you!


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